Flowclear 16.5cm Chemical Floater



Bestway 6.5in Chemical Floater automatically deploys chemicals in pools with a diameter of 12ft or above. The floater saves going through the brain ache and head stress of measuring out swimming pool chemical levels by doing all of the hard work for you!

Its great for water warriors with hectic schedules because you can leave it on its lonesome to sanitize a pool. The automatic chlorine feeder, which also holds bromine tablets (measuring between 1 and 3 inches), has a sanitizer dial to control the level of chemicals it releases. It gradually releases these at regular intervals, ensuring bacteria levels are consistent, easy to monitor and simple to control.

If pool water is left to its own devices, without the addition of chemicals, bacteria levels can soon become uncontrollable. This is one of the reasons the swimming pool sanitizer is such a great accessory if youre heading off on a short holiday or break. You can leave the floating chemical dispenser on its lonesome, secure in the knowledge that when you get home, following a sweaty journey on an overcrowded train or plane, your fresh and healthy Bestway pool will be waiting to embrace you!

Bestway Chemical Floater is just one of the products in the Bestway Pool Accessories collection that helps to clean and sanitize pool water.