Aqua Burst Essential Goggles - 21048

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Aqua Burst Essential Goggles - 21048

KIDS SWIMMING GOGGLES: make a splash and enjoy the under-water fun with these brilliant eye-catching pair of goggles. The wide-view lenses provide kids with vibrant sight as they explore underwater. Suitable for kids 7+
SAFE AND SECURE FIT: the swim goggles are designed for swimmers to always feel comfortable in the water. Ideal pair for endless hours of swimming, diving, and snorkelling
ADJUSTABLE STRAP: features an adjustable head strap that can be easily adjusted to find the comfortable fit. These goggles have soft silicone skirt and strap for long lasting secure comfort fit for lots of uninterrupted play
UV PROTECTION: gives your child another hue with fun the colour tinted impact resistant lenses will protect your kids from the harmful rays of the sun as they enjoy exploring the crystal-clear water
LEAK-RESISTANT: thanks to the adjuster system the mask is easy secure so you can keep the water away from your eyes when swim

Choose from 3 different Colours - Pink , Yellow or Blue - Please request preference at checkout or this will be sent at random

Price is for one pair of Goggles