Air Step 23cm x 15cm Air Pump



The Bestway 23cm x 15cm Air Step Air Pump is a simple and easy-to-use tool for all of your inflatable products.

With 3 valve adapters, it fits most inflatables, simply insert the valve and get stepping! Hey look, you even get a little workout! It is super light and when you squash the air out it is small and dainty, handy for when you€™re limited on space in the boot!

The best thing about this pump is it inflates and deflates, saving you lots of time from (we€™ve all been there) rolling around on the bed and folding it up trying to get the air out!

1,600cc Air Chamber for Rapid Inflation/Deflation
3 Valve Adapters to Fit Nearly Every Inflation Valve
Easily Switches from Inflation to Deflation