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This Yard of Ale Glass with stand is a must have for the home bar owner! Buy at Sunny's. That true progenitor of the perfect party, the art of drinking a yard of ale dates back in time so far that its origins are lost in the murky shrouds of history... maybe. That aside, this beautifully made, glass yard of ale holds around 3 pints of your favorite fermented foamer (or other beverage), and is guaranteed to ensure the onset of rowdy drunkenness, superior spillage and general all-round raucousness! A wooden stand is included so that you can display your new baby for all the world to see. Set up a challenge, and watch your friends fail miserably. But do try to remember - spillage is a certainty! Features/Specifications:

˘Yard of Ale Glass with Stand
˘ General Features:
˘ Holds up to a whole yard of your favorite beverage (about 3 Pints or 1.5 Liter)
˘ Glass Yard
˘ Ideal for parties, BBQs, Home Bars, or as an Ornament
˘ Includes Black Wooden Stand
˘ Height: 32.75--inches (approximate)