Underwater Adhesive Repair Patch 6.5cm x 6.5cm

Sunny's Variety Stores


Bestway Underwater Adhesive Repair Patches are a quick and easy way to patch up punctures on inflatable products. Each pack includes 10 of the heavy-duty repair patches which are great for patching up boats, pools, spas and airbeds. Bestway has ensured that the puncture repair patches are water-resistant., allowing you to repair problems below the waterline of the boat, pool or spa. Each puncture repair patch is ideal for patching up smaller punctures and abrasions. To apply the self-adhesive puncture repair patches, simply clean the damaged area of your inflatable, peel off the back of a patch and then neatly stick it down. Once you’ve applied an inflatable repair patch, leave it to set for 30 minutes before reflating your product.

Size: 42.3 sq. cm
Repairs punctures and abrasions on pools and other underwater items
Contents: 10 repair patches

Bestway repair patches and kits ensure that no consumer has to watch items deflate because of pesky punctures or accidental slits. Keep the fun going with repair patches that work universally for all inflatable products. Every consumer should have an instant solution when they encounter a leaky item. Easy to adhere, these repair patches are able to save the day.