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CRC So Easy Tyre Cleaner cleans, protects and shines tyres in one easy step, leaving a rich satin finish. Simply apply CRC So Easy Tyre Cleaner directly onto tyres no rinsing, wiping or rubbing is required. The non-acid formula quickly penetrates into the rubber, lifting and releasing dirt and road grime. The protective layer prevents surface cracking and discolouration. Within minutes tyres will look rejuvenated.

CRC So Easy Tyre Cleaner easily removes stains & scuff marks from tyres & mud flaps. Over application will not affect paint or wheel surfaces.

Features & Benefits
Easy one-step application Apply and leave.
Cleans, protects and shines tyres
No rinsing, wiping or rubbing
Dries in minutes to a deep gloss
Can be used on wet or dry tyres
Non-acid formula
Lifts dirt and road grime
Removes stains and scuff marks
Prevents surface cracking and discolouration
Over application will not affect paint or wheel surface
UV protection
Aerosol (foaming formula) - Made in NZ

For use on wet and dry tyres
Can also be used on mud flaps
Not recommended for use on two wheeled vehicles.
Do not treat tyres on driveways, the residual cleaner may cause stains