Swimulator Resistance Trainer Hydro Pro

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Raise the bar on your water workouts with the durable and comfortable Hydro-Pro Swimulator Resistance Trainer! This product can bring the full-body, calorie-burning workout of swimming laps right to you. The Swimulator is specially designed for impact-free resistance training and strengthening. The resistance bands help you to swim in place, so you can exercise or train in any pool! The Swimulator is compatible with all above ground pool frames. Simply attach each band to the sides of your framed above ground pool, wrap the padded belt around your waistline, and you’re ready to get your heart pumping! The lightweight, compact design makes it easy to use this product in any pool, whether you’re at home or traveling. Now, your favourite water workout is more convenient than ever!

4 m (13.1 ft.) elastic strap
Waistband can fit 65 cm to 110 cm (26-43 in.) waistlines
Adjustable padded belt with fastener
Resistance band helps you to swim in place, so you can swim laps in any above ground framed pool
Simply attach the elastic strap to the frame of your pool and wrap the band around your waist
Contents: 1 waistband, 2 adjustable clips, 1 elastic strap
Only applicable to length ? 4.57m/15ft, width ? 2.44m/8ft, depth ? 1m/3.28ft above ground pools (with frame)