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Sunflower Moulin Rouge F.1 Hybrid

Product Care:
Keep seedbed or tray evenly moist during germination period.

When to Sow:
Sow in Spring - Summer

Where to Sow:
Best sown direct where to grow. Plants can develop a stronger root structure if they are not transplanted.

Seed Type:

This variety may need support in windy locations. Will benefit from the removal of spent flowers which will promote lateral branching and more flowers. Beware of rats and mice, they will eat the sunflower seeds straight out of the seedbed. Also beware of slugs and snails.

Seed Placement:
Full Sun

Where to Grow:
In a well drained site in full sun.

Advantages of F.1 Hybrids:
Hybrid seeds are those bred to carry all the favourable characteristics of its many different "Parents". Advantages include earliness, weather tolerance, size and colour and disease resistance.

How to Sow:
Cover seeds with soil to a depth of 2cm. Space seeds 30cm apart.

Packet Contains:
This packet contains approx. 20 seeds.

Height &Spread:
Height 75-90cm. Spread 30-40cm.