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CRC RE-PO Cutting Compound is designed to remove heavily weathered layers of paintwork and for restoring poor surfaces.

It is also removes imperfections, old waxes, tar and scratches. After using RE-PO Cutting Compound, surfaces should be polished with CRC RE-PO Cream Polish.

RE-PO Cutting Compound contains a high quality, specially selected abrasive that is ideally suited for hand rubbing applications.

Not recommended for paintwork in good condition, or on newer cars with metallic paint or clear coat finishes.

Features & Benefits
Rejuvenates heavily weathered, dull, faded surfaces
Removes imperfections - old waxes, tar, scratches, swirl marks, stains, paint defects etc..
Quickly & easily cuts through oxidized surfaces
Suitable for hand rubbing applications
Light weight DIY buffing compound

Machine or hand rubbing applications
Suitable for all automotive paint surfaces