Pour n Go RV & Marine Water Treatment 1L

Sunny's Variety Stores


Pour n' Go RV & Marine Water Treatment 1L is a more lightly concentrated and additionally stabilised treatment for smaller tanks in caravans, motor homes, and boats. It's safe for use with all tank materials, pumps and plumbing systems. It is ideal for cleaning and preserving the contents of small water containers and water storage bottles.

It's made using only food grade ingredients, so it's safe for cooking, food preparation and washing, and is approved for use as a water treatment chemical. It can even be used directly as a ready-to-use surface disinfectant spray, or as a mild antiseptic spray for small cuts and scratches in case of an emergency.

Pour n' Go RV & Marine Water Treatment 1L Features:
Concentrated water treatment for water tanks
Can be used to shock-dose water tanks on commercial, domestic properties, vehicles and boats
Safe to use
Treated water is drinkable at all concentrations required for effective disinfection
Doesn't combine with chemicals in the water to form harmful by-products
Requires no chemical mixing, activation, or any complicated measurements
Active ingredient: contains up to 1.5% hydrogen peroxide & 35mg/l silver
Will treat up to 650 litres of water
Suitable for all sizes of drinking water tanks
Suitable as a general-purpose antiviral disinfectant