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Pak Choi Mei Qing Choi F.1. Hybrid Seed

Product Care:
Keep seedbed evenly moist during germination period. Germination period is between 4-10 days.

When to Sow:
Sow all year round. May require cover from heavy frosts.

Where to Sow:
Sow directly where to grow. They can be planted into trays for subsequent transplanting.

Seed Type:

Hybrid dwarf Pak Choi. Vase-shaped, compact plants produce pale flat, misty green stems and spoon-shaped leaves with green midrib. Good heat and cold resistance. Perfect for stir-fry or steaming - a widely under-utilised vegetable in New Zealand cooking. Often harvested as Baby Pak Choi.

Seed Placement:
Full Sun

Where to Grow:
In a well drained site in full sun.

Vegetable Maturity Date:
This variety matures in 40-45 days.

Advantages of F.1 Hybrids:
Hybrid seeds are those bred to carry all the favourable characteristics of its many different "Parents". Advantages include earliness, weather tolerance, size and colour and disease resistance.

How to Sow:
Sow seeds thinly 5mm deep, thin Pak Choi to 25cm apart when large enough to handle. Sow in roe 40cm apart.

Packet Contains:
This packet contains approx. 60 seeds.