NILODOR Spray Mist Deodoriser 100ml

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Nilodor Spray Mist Deodoriser 100ml 

Deodorize your room in seconds with a little help from Nilodor Spray Mist Deodoriser. It effectively neutralises odours usually found in the kitchen, bathroom, nursery, bedroom, in the car, pet smells, ashtrays, dust bins and all other areas where unwanted odours occur.

What are the benefits and features Nilodor Spray Mist Deodoriser?
Deodorizes your average sized room in seconds
Effectively neutralises odours.
Economical, with just one spray the odour is gone.
Highly concentrated, pure fragrance.
Fast and long-lasting results.
Ozone friendly.
Doesn't contain hydrocarbons or gas propellants.

When and where can I use this product?
In cat litter to neutralise malodours.
Deodorise pet accidents within and outside the home.
Apply in rooms where pets spend majority of their time.
Add a couple of drops of Nilodor Concentrated Deodoriser to your pet's bath water to give your pet a fresh clean smell.


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