Menace Hercules Sports Life Jacket Child

Sunny's Variety Stores


Menace build lifejackets of the highest quality to NZ standards. Their range covers everything from sports jackets to affordable inflatables. Many sport unique features, heavy stainless steel components, double stitching and quality zips. There is a model to suit your needs.

It€™s quality construction and quality components that separates Menace from their competitors! Every Menace jacket is built with care and with the thought that it may just be required to save your life ...

Here are a few good reasons to make your next jacket a Menace:
- Our inflatable jacket has a unique neoprene comfort collar for all-day wear.
- Very heavy, high-quality stainless components for buckles and safety rings.
- High quality components, including webbing and accessories, ensure your safety.
- Top quality zips from YKK are fitted. They are the best available.
- Extra-large buckles are used and they are moulded from heavy plastic for long life.
- The inflation system is the best available, ensuring it works when you need it...

Size: chest size 80 cm max, body weight 10-25 kg, buoyancy rating 22 N, buoyancy type foam