Himalayan Salt Lamp USB Diamond Orange

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This salt lamp has an LED bulb in it so its long lasting. The lamp has an orange glow. Approximate height 10cm. You can use a USB adaptor to plug this mini lamp into a power socket too.

Create a relaxing ambience in your home with one of these beautiful Himalayan crystal salt lamps. These salt lamps have been carefully selected from the purest natural salt resources in the world. They give off a relaxing orange glow once on and can help minimise 'electro magnetic smog', eliminate cooking odours, moulds and airborne bacteria around the home. Salt lamps are said to aid respiratory health conditions such as headaches, asthma and allergies and also work as a natural dehumidifier so it is best to leave them on 24/7.

These make excellent night lights for babies, children (and adults).

Height: Approx

Please note that size, weight and colour will vary as these salt lamps are handmade and 100% real carved Himalayan salt.

Electric 240v
Replacement Bulbs also Available