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McGregor's Herb Chamomile Lawn

Product Care:
Keep seedbed or tray evenly moist during germination period. Germination period is between 7-14 days.

When to Sow:
Sow in Autumn - Spring

Where to Sow:
Into trays for subsequent transplanting or after frosts, sow direct where to grow.

Seed Type:

300 plants will cover about 10 square metres. Once established a light trimming every 3-4 weeks will keep your 'ol'worlde' lawn looking superb. Take off your shoes and enjoy its soft springy feel.

Seed Placement:
Full Sun
Part Shade

Where to Grow:
In a well drained site in full sun.

Vegetable Maturity Date:
This variety matures in 75 days.

How to Sow:
Sow seeds thinly in rows 15-20cm apart and cover with 0.5cm of fine soil. Firm gently.

Packet Contains:
This packet contain approx. 750 seeds.