Sand Filter Polysphere balls

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Compatible with all sand filter pumps in the Bestway collection, Flowclear Polysphere Balls are a fantastic alternative to sand which provide excellent filtration. Unlike sand, which has to be regularly replaced, Polysphere balls can be hand-washed and reused again and again. The balls are made from 100% PET material which is recyclable and non-toxic for safe disposal.

Each pack contains 500g of Polysphere balls which is the equivalent of using 18kg of sand. Yep, you’d need to use a whopping 18kg of sand to provide the same level of filtration as 500g of these lightweight balls. As well as being a lot less heavy, they’re far better at filtering your pool than sand, delivering cleaner water in less time and maintaining it for a longer period.

Features & Specifications

500g (1.10lbs) Flowclear Polysphere
Made from 100% PET material
Suitable for all existing sand filters in the Bestway range
Lowest pressure increase in comparison to sand
500g (1.10lbs) of Flowclear Polysphere is equal to 18kg (39.68lbs) of sand
Easy to carry, manipulate, and transport
Lightweight for easy handling
Excellent filtration result and efficiency
Long-life product
Easy to wash by hand
Backwashing function by Bestway sand filter not applicable
Easy disposal, non-toxic, 100% Recyclable