Flowclear Filter Pump 2500Gal



Bestway 2,500gal Flowclear Filter Pump is ideal for above ground pool owners who want to keep their pool water in tip top condition. The filter pump is compatible with Bestway Above Ground Pools measuring 18ft or more, including the entire range of Oval Fast Set and Rectangular Frame Pools.

The filter pump helps to sanitize pool water by pumping it through a cartridge filter and returning it, clean, clear and contamination free, to an above ground swimming pool. The filter pump comes with two hoses and connection points. Inlets and outlets are used to attach the hoses to the pump filter, sending 2,500gal (9,463L) of water through it every hour. Clamps are also used to secure the hoses and avoid an impromptu jet of water to the face.

One of the hoses pumps water out of the pool, sending it through the pool filter system, and the other hose pumps it back into the pool, clean, pristine and freshly filtered. The filter pump for swimming pools also comes with a 5.6in x 10in filter cartridge, which traps and filters dirt and debris, transforming scummy water into the kind that a Lord would be proud to swim in.

Bestway 2,500gal Flowclear Filter Pump comes with an installation manual to guide you through the simple set-up process.

Compatible with Bestway Oval Fast Set PoolsCompatible with Rectangular Frame PoolsCompatible with 18ft Fast Set and Steel Frame Pools

Specifications: 220-240V Pump
Flow Rate: 2,500 gal/hr (9,463 L/hr)
Compatible with Bestway Oval Fast Set Pools
Compatible with Rectangular Frame Pools
Compatible with 18ft Fast Set & Steel Pro Metal Frame Pools
Includes two flexible hoses with attachments
Installation manual included for easy set-up
Includes 5.6in x 10in Filter Cartridge