Flowclear 4.88m Solar Pool Cover


$90.30 $129.00

The solar swimming pool cover is laid out on the surface of the water when your 4.88m or 4.57m Circular Frame Pool isn't being used. It's made from a hardwearing material that could easily be mistaken for bubble wrap. In fact, if you plan to wrap up a greenhouse for someones birthday it would make the perfect padding! The tiny air bubbles that litter the solar pool cover help to insulate the pool, absorbing heat from the sun, storing it and using it to warm the water.

Absorbs sunlight & transfers heat to water
Insulated to prevent loss of water temperature
Limits water evaporation from the pool

NOTE: This is not a debris cover - Actual Size is 4.62M, so there will be a gap around the edge.

16Ft Debris Covers are available for purchase.

Actual Size: 4.62m
Fits 4.88m & 4.57m Power Steel Pool Circular Pools