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Dukit has been available on the New Zealand market for some years now. It has been used by well known polymer clay artisits around the world and on a commercial level in many countries.

It is considered to be one of the strongest clays on the market and is extremely suitable for button making. It withstands washing in an automatic machine really well with out going dull.

Baked at a higher temperatures than the other clays it also has a tendancy to "sheen". This can be combated by baking with an aluminium foil cover over your work and will also wipe off after baking.

Ideal for making jewellery, ornaments, pictures, models and much more.

Du-Kit can be shaped time after time. The texture does not alter until hardened in your oven for 10 - 20 minutes at 120 - 130 degs Celcius (250 - 270 degs Fahrenheit)

When cured/hardened it retains its colour brilliance and can be filed, sawn, sculptured, glued, painted, lacquered and electroplated.

Colour Mixing
The flat roller section of a heavy duty pasta machine is excellent for colour mixing and forming thin sheets. Partial mixing makes stunning marbled effects. For new shades use the colour mixing guide.

Use as a colour extender. Also marblize with other colours for natural stone effects.

Work on a flat baking tray or baking paper. Start by kneading Du-Kit to make it pliable and soft. (further softening can be done by adding a little baby oil if necessary).

Complementary materials: Stones, sand, driftwood, shells, copper wire, leather etc. can be used to great effect.