Flowclear 4.04m x 2.01m and 4.12m x 2.01m PVC Pool Cover



Bestway 13ft Pool Cover offers a solution to swimmers who are tired of climbing into their Steel Pro Pool and sharing their water with rotting leaves, bathing beetles, trespassing toads and other garden debris.

Compatible Bestway Pools:
4.04m x 2.01m x 1m
4.12m x 2.01m x 1.22m

Actual Size of Cover: 3.96m x 1.85m

The above ground swimming pool cover is made from PE (polyethylene), which is extremely hard wearing and easy to clean. Among the above ground pool cover€™s features are handy rope ties to secure it in windy conditions. The rope ties also prevent pesky bugs and insects from clambering underneath the cover to practice their breaststroke or have a cheeky swim.

Another awesome feature of the debris cover is the addition of drain holes. The holes let rain water seep into the pool so that the cover doesn€™t get weighed down. The great thing about the little holes is that, other than rain water, nothing can squeeze through and taint the pool water. By blocking out debris the cover for pools can also save cash on costly cleaning and maintenance, which soon mounts up over the course of a season.

Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool Covers are one of many pool covers available in the Bestway Pool Accessories collection. Each above ground pool cover has been specially designed to fit a specific size of Bestway pool. Whatever your pool size, Bestway has it covered. Literally!