Wahu Beach Volley

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Wahu Beach: Volley Ball - Pink or Green

Take the Wahu Volley ball to the beach, the park or use it in your backyard. This volley ball has waterproof neoprene skin with wild raised graphics so you so you can use it in all weather conditions and maintain maximum grip. Inflate the ball to your own liking using the internal air-filled bladder. For an authentic volley ball experience team it with the Wahu Pool Sports Net and spike, bump and block!


The Wahu Volleyball has a waterproof neoprene skin for great handling
The air-filled bladder means you can inflate to your liking
Butyl air filled bladder for lightweight performance
Raised graphics for maximum grip
Your kids will have hours of fun with Wahu Volley Ball.
Suitable for ages 4 & up

Please note at checkout which colour you would prefer or colour will be sent at random