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The Lopez Family are the Wedding Planners of Sylvania. Father Cesar Lopez is a highly acclaimed wedding planner, known for his unprecedented style and innovation. No detail is too small when planning the most important day for both the bride and the mother of the bride. śIt must be a dream come true!ť claims Cesar, the flawless professional as he struts around nodding and flashing his charming smile in a greeting to each guest. Mother Conchita Lopez is the bridal consultant with meticulous organisational skills, dedication, and a love of her work. Her job is to discuss and help the bride-to-be realise her dream wedding, then to consult and plan that special dream day with her husband, Cesar, in every detail to ensure that the dream comes true! Brother Pablo Lopez is a little terror; always up to no good! He teases and upsets his sister and all her friends, endlessly chasing them with wriggly spiders and worms. One of his favourite pranks is to hide one of Layas shoes and it always seems to be just before she needs to leave for school! Pablo is not the nicest of little boys but boys will be boys! Sister Laya Lopez would like to be a wedding planner or consultant when she is older, so she spends hours helping her mother and father at work. In the evenings she likes to design and create new ideas for wedding dresses, cakes and flower decorations because as her father keeps reminding her: śEach wedding detail must be unique, exquisite and special!ť Twin babies Pedro and Pepi Lopez (sold seperately) make up the other two members of the Lopez Family. Suitable for children aged 4 years and above.

Box Contains
4 Chihuahua family figures