Sterilite - Drain Rack - Black #0622

Sunny's Variety Stores


"The Drain Rack is a unique combination of a dish rack and a drainboard, all in one. The innovative self-draining system, with its angled base and solid bottom, keeps water flowing into the sink, and not onto the countertop.
Elevated feet allow the DrainRack to fit over the edge of the sink. This item features 10 robust plate holders, two utensil holders and eight perimeter cup holders.

- Dish rack and drainboard all in one, with solid self-draining bottom
- Angled base with drain holes controls water flow back into sink
- Feet raise drainer to conveniently fit over edge of sink
- 10 robust plate holders and flat area for drainage of uniquely shaped kitchen items
- Two utensil holders hold plenty of flatware and help to balance the drainer
- Eight perimeter cup holders

44.8cm x 34 cm x 13.7cm H