Steam Crystal Garden

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STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths.
Designed for young 21st century ladies, STEAM Powered Girls attract girls to scientific and technical learning through attractive colourful activities. Learn chemistry with a hands-on crystal growing experiment. Follow simple steps to grow crystals in your choice of colours and sizes. Design and make your own stunning crystal garden. Rapid growth - grow in 7 days. Large crystal - grow up to 8cm wide. 3 crystal sizes to grow - grow 5 crystals with different sizes and colours! Contents: 3 x large bags containing white crystal compound, 3 x small bags containing seeding mixture, 1 x stirring bowl, transparent cups (2 large, 1 medium & 2 small), 1 x stirring spoon, 2 x bags of white gravel, 1 x bag of coloured beads, 1 x transparent blister cover, 1 x crystal display tray, ring-shaped templates (2 large, 1 medium & 2 small) and detailed instructions.
Age 10 + years. Part of the STEAM Powered Girls range.