Solar Cover Reel

Sunny's Variety Stores


This Solar Reel is ideally suited to all rectangular and oval above ground pools and can also be used across round pools. It provides the ideal way to protect your solar cover and keep it safe. Just wind the cover onto the reel when using your pool and then just pull it back over when finished.

The Solar cover reel comes complete with straps and fittings.

Can be screwed into ledges/top rails of wooden, metal and resin pools.
Also suitable for metal frame pools.
Suitable for Rectangular or square frame pools with pool widths 2.74M - 4.88M ( 9' -16')

Solar cover not included.

Size adjustable for easy covering and uncovering
Locking feature prevents unintentional unrolling
Heavy duty construction with interlocking aluminium shaft
Easily attaches to metal pool frame
Made by Intex Pools

Conveniently designed to easily attach to the metal frame of your pool. Size adjustable, making the covering and uncovering of the pool simple and easy. A locking feature on the handle will prevent the cover from unintentional unrolling. Heavy duty construction with interlocking aluminum shaft. Easy to install and use. Significantly extends service life of the solar cover.