Sidewinder 2 Go DC Air Pump



The Bestway Sidewinder Pump is a simple and easy-to-use tool for all of your inflatable products. With 3 valve adapters, it fits most inflatables, simply insert the valve and with the flick of a button, your inflatable is ready! It is super light and not big and bulky like many other pumps on the market, saving you boot space for much more important items!

The best thing about this pump is it inflates and deflates, saving you lots of time from (we€™ve all been there) rolling around on the bed and folding it up trying to get the air out! And what€™s more, you don€™t even need to break into a sweat!

Key Features:
Suitable for use with any Bestway Inflatable Airbed
3 valve adapters - fits most inflatables
Inflates & deflates your inflatable
Works with the flick of a switch!