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Bestway 52in Pool Ladder ensures safe access to and from a Bestway Steel Frame pool. It also enables easy access to and from an inflatable Fast Set pool without the risk of water overflowing, flooding your lawn and drowning your daffodils.

The above ground pool ladder comes with easy to read instructions, making it very easy to construct. Plastic steps are simple to attach to the ladders durable metal frame and provide the utmost grip to soaking soles. The metal frame is rust-resistant, ensuring the swimming pool ladder lasts for many, many seasons. Secure arm rails and a standing platform enable users to safely spin around before climbing down the other side.

The above ground swimming pool ladder hooks over the edge of a pool so that one half is on dry land and the other leads directly into the water. Although its tough and resilient the swimming pool ladder is simple to remove when your pool needs to be covered or cleaned. Above ground pool ladders are an essential piece of safety equipment and, under no circumstances, should they be used for diving off of. Doing so could cause serious harm.

Bestway 52in Pool Ladder is one of many products in the Bestway Pool Accessories collection. As well as different sized swimming pool ladders for above ground pools youll also find cleaning and maintenance equipment, water purifying gadgets and loads of other items designed to enhance your overall experience of a Bestway Above Ground Pool.

Compatible with Fast Set and Steel Frame pools
Suitable for pool walls lower than 1.32m high