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Use the simple Campmaster Magnesium Fire Starter set to ensure you can light damp (not Wet) tinder. The magnesium will generate up to 2980 deg C flame source ensuring a hot flame source.

Can be used as both a main source or back up source for lighting fires, capable of lighting tinder, gas stoves, by striking the flint.


Lights fires quickly and easily
generates nearly 3000 deg. C heat so will quickly dry and light even damp tinder

Pack includes: magnesium block with Flint and Striker Knife
Magnesium Block Size: 75 x 30 x 10 mm

How to Use:
Shave the magnesium off the block into a pile, prepare tinder in a pile for lighting, scrape flint with striker knife to create fire, and add tinder as required.

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