Hydro-Pro Dream Diver Snorkel Set - (US 6.5 - 8 EUR 38-39)



Bestway Dream Diver Snorkel Set - fins, mask & snorkel size 38-39

Simply dive ... Discover your next vacation in the underwater world with this thoughtful Diving set consisting of one pair of fins, mask and snorkel.

Product advantages
- Soft, comfortable fins - size M (US 6.5 - 8, EUR 38-39)
- Tempered Glass lenses
- Silicon skirt with double feathered edge for a precision, leak-resistant fit
- Fully adjustable, silicon split head strap
- Dry Top - technology prevents the penetration of water into the snorkel
- integrated purge valve for easy water drainage
- Dry-top snorkel technology prevents virtually all water infiltration

Fins have all new "Drive Zone" center with special Power-Flew Ribbing

Comes in 2 Assorted Colours - will be sent as random if not specified in checkout notes

Other sizes available (L AND XL) Please see our other auctions for these :)