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These mantles are suitable for small Butane and LP Gas lanterns. Including Campmaster, Cadac, Coleman, Gasmate, Primus, Gaz, Companion and others.
Quick clip mantles are easy to use. Distribute the mantle evenly around the retaining clip. Clip the mantle to the burner head ensuring the clip sits in the grove on the head. Hold a Match or flame to the mantle which will burn leaving a white ash appearance. Following burning the mantle is extremely fragile so do not touch with gingers or a match.
Reassemble the lantern and follow lighting instructions.

Replacement mantle for 100CP lanterns
Double clip fitting
Packet of 3 mantles
Easy to fit
Use with Butane LPG gas and liquid fuel

Suitable for small Butane and LP Gas Lanterns
Grove Sizes: Top 11-13mm Bottom 12-16mm
Pack of 3