Clean Cast Skimmer Set

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Looking to skim leaves and floating debris from you outdoor pool? The Clean Cast Skimmer Set from Bestway is the perfect pool cleaning accessory to help you keep your pool clean and clear from all the flotsam and jetsam which is a natural part of the maintenance of an outdoor swimming pool. The long lightweight aluminium pole extends to a pool leaf skimming net, which gently lifts and sifts bits of dirt and debris out of the water, making your above ground pool nicer to swim in, and saving your filter some extra work. The long pole and net pool cleaner stops you from getting wet, helps you reach to the middle of the swimming pool, and to clean leaves from the bottom of the pool too.
Length: 1.62m (63.7")
Telescopic aluminium pole
Durable mesh leaf net
Lightweight and extendable
Pool maintenance equipment