2.03m x 1.52m x 46cm Aeroluxe Airbed (Queen) with Sidewinder - AC Air Pump



When you are on the go or need extra sleeping space at home, a Bestway Aero luxe Airbed (Queen) with AC Air Pump is the perfect solution to provide a refreshing night's sleep due to its durability and comfort.

The included Sidewinder AC Pump provides added convenience and inflates the bed in 4 minutes! The airbed even comes with a built-in pillow for additional comfort. When you are done with the bed, it easily deflates with the patent pending quick air release valve. Simply place your flattened bed in the included carrying bag for easy transport and storage. With features such as a comfortable sleeping surface and a sturdy I-beam construction, a great night's sleep is in the air with the Aeroluxe Airbed.

Size: (Queen) 2.03m x 1.52m x 46cm

Quick inflation/deflation screw valve
Comfortable flocked sleeping surface
Sturdy I-beam construction
Built-in pillow
Great for indoor use
Heavy-duty repair patch