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Bazic's Poster boards offer a sturdy solution that is ideal for displaying information of all types. Theyre lightweight enough to hang on a wall, pin to a cork bulletin board or mount with a clip. For tabletop presentations, choose a tri-fold display board that stands easily on its own on any flat surface. Create powerful presentations with project and display boards that leave a lasting impression.

Add a touch of flair into any display with poster board in colour

Measuring approx. 55.80cm x 71.10cm this large poster board accommodates a large amount of data without looking cluttered.

Bazic's has a large selection of poster boards, display boards and tag boards, it's easy to find the right option for every presentation.

Price is For 1 Green Poster, Coloured on Both Sides with a Smooth Finish.
Also great for School Projects, Arts & Crafts, Sales/Promotions & More!