Take on Flintlockes Sky Shark with Ninja Lloyd!

Send up the drone to check out this awesome jet with dangerous blades, guns and loads of cool pirate details. And beware€ťthe Sky Shark could drop dynamite or rotten fish at any moment! Then convert the drone into a jetpack for Lloyd and launch the Ninja hero into battle. Bring down the Sky Shark and fight to free trapped Kai from the Djinn Blade!

Includes 2 minifigures: Lloyd and Flintlocke.
The Sky Shark features an opening cockpit with detailed dashboard stickers, a dropping function (to drop 2 dynamite or 2 rotten fish elements), 2 fold-out blades, plus a hidden pirate sword and 6 detachable guns.
The Sky Shark also incorporates many pirate details including chains, anchors, 2 treasure chests, 2 barrels and 2 orange rotten fish and bone elements.
A dual-function drone/jetpack with translucent flame elements is also included which may be used on its own as a drone or attached to Lloyd as a jetpack.
Weapons include a translucent red Djinn Blade with ˜trapped Kai element and Lloyds golden weapon staff.
Recreate and role-play epic scenes from the NINJAGO€žË˜: Masters of Spinjitzu TV show.
Sky Shark measures over 2ĹĄ (6cm) high, 10ĹĄ (27cm) long and 6ĹĄ (16cm) wide.
Drone/jetpack measures over 3ĹĄ (9cm) high and 1ĹĄ (5cm) wide and under 1ĹĄ (2cm) deep.