60165 - City - 4 x 4 Response Unit



Item: 60165
Ages: 5-12
Pieces: 347

Join the rough and ready crew of the Lego City coast guard and their 4x4 Response Unit, featuring a 4x4 truck with opening minifigure cab, opening rear compartment with space for tools and gear, and a detachable trailer for the included rescue craft with room for 2 minifigures, drop-down engines and spinning propellers, radio antennas, toolbox and life preservers. Theres also a divers dinghy with dive gear, engine and fire elements. Includes 3 minifigures, plus an octopus figure.

Includes 3 minifigures: a captain/driver, female coast guard member and a diver, plus an octopus figure.
Features a 4x4 truck with minifigure cab, radio antenna, opening rear compartment for tools and gear, and a detachable trailer for the rescue craft with a toolbox, 2 radio antennas and drop-down engines with spinning propellers.
Also includes a small divers dinghy with engine and a buildable buoy.
Rescue craft and dinghy float!
Hitch the trailer to the 4x4 truck and head off on a rescue call.
Grab the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.
Rescue the diver before the octopus grabs him!
Accessory elements include 2 life preservers, 2 fire elements, 2 walkie-talkies, camera, binoculars, box, megaphone, 2 bottles, 2 life vests, dive mask, flippers and a fire extinguisher.

4x4 truck measures over 4ĹĄ (11cm) high, 4ĹĄ (12cm) long and 2ĹĄ (6cm) wide.
Trailer measures over 1ĹĄ (5cm) high, 7ĹĄ (18cm) long and 2ĹĄ (7cm) wide.
Rescue craft measures over 3ĹĄ (10cm) high, 7ĹĄ (19cm) long and 2ĹĄ (7cm) wide.
Divers dinghy measures over 1ĹĄ (4cm) high, 3ĹĄ (9cm) long and 1ĹĄ (5cm) wide.
Octopus figure measures over 2ĹĄ (6cm) long, 1ĹĄ (5cm) wide and under 1ĹĄ (2cm) high.
Buoy measures over 3ĹĄ (8cm) high, 1ĹĄ (3cm) wide and 1ĹĄ (3cm) deep.