2T Two Stroke Oil 200ml

Sunny's Variety Stores


2-stroke engine oil recommended for 2-stroke lawnmowers, lawn edges, chainsaws and stationary engines.

Castrol 2T Self Mix has been developed for two-stroke engines operating under a range of varied conditions. It is recommended for use in the following applications for air cooled 2-stroke engines:
Lawn edgers
Stationary or portable industrial and agricultural units, such as generators, pumps, post hole differs, etc.

Features & Benefits:
The formula is very clean burning. This means cleaner combustion chambers, exhaust ports and mufflers.
Good piston and cylinder lubrication.
Excellent engine life with minimal ring wear and piston scuffing.
Designed for use at manufacturers recommended fuel/oil ratios.
Mixes rapidly with fuel, dyed blue for easy identification. With unleaded petrol, the fuel/oil mix turns a pale green colour.