10745 - Juniors - Florida 500 Final Race



Item: 10745
Ages: 5-8
Pieces: 266

Start your engines and take part in the exciting Florida 500 Final Race from DisneyPixar Cars 3, featuring an Easy to Build crew chief€™s stand with raising red and green race flags and Start/Finish line arch, trackside barriers and a winners€™ podium with checkered flags and a trophy. Includes a simple guide to build and play, and bigger pieces help build confidence in younger kids. LEGO Juniors is an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 4-7. Includes 5 LEGO Juniors characters.

Includes 5 characters from DisneyPixar Cars 3: Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, Guido and Mack.
Features a crew chief€™s stand with room for Guido, a race monitor and raising flag bars, plus a Start/Finish line arch and trackside barriers.
Also includes a winners€™ podium and gas and air pump elements.
Mack can carry 2 cars inside the trailer.
Open Mack€™s back to unload the cars at the racetrack.
Head to the gas pump to fuel up before the race.
Accessory elements include a trophy, tools, 2 checkered flags and red and green race flags.
Includes Easy to Build models with bigger pieces and a simple guide to get kids building and playing quickly.

Lightning McQueen measures over 1€ť (3cm) high, 2€ť (7cm) long and 1€ť (3cm) wide.
Cruz Ramirez measures over 1€ť (3cm) high, 2€ť (7cm) long and 1€ť (3cm) wide.
Jackson Storm measures over 1€ť (3cm) high, 2€ť (7cm) long and 1€ť (3cm) wide.
Guido measures over 1€ť (4cm) high, 1€ť (5cm) long and 1€ť (3cm) wide.
Mack measures over 3€ť (8cm) high, 9€ť (25cm) long and 1€ť (4cm) wide.
Crew chief€™s stand excluding flags measures over 2€ť (6cm) high, 2€ť (6cm) wide and 3€ť (8cm) deep.
Start/Finish line arch measures over 4€ť (11cm) high, 6€ť (16cm) wide and 1€ť (4cm) deep.