10740 - Juniors - Fire Patrol Suitcase



Item: 10740
Ages: 4-7
Pieces: 110

Be prepared for a Lego City emergency wherever you are with this fun, easy-to-carry suitcase play set, featuring a fire pickup with adjustable cherry picker and motorcycle to put out the flames of the buildable abandoned house with opening door. Lego Juniors is an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 4-7. Includes two minifigures.

Includes two firefighter minifigures.
Features an Easy to Build fire pickup with rear storage compartment and trailer with adjustable cherry picker, motorcycle and an abandoned house with opening door and windows.
Attach the trailer to the fire pickup and race to the abandoned house!
Place a firefighter in the cherry picker and raise it to reach the rooftop flames.
Push the flame piece through the doorway to create a spreading fire effect.
Includes Easy to Build models with bigger pieces and a simple guide to get kids building and playing quickly.
Accessory elements include four translucent-orange flames and translucent-blue water, two oxygen tanks, axe, handsaw and two fire extinguishers.

The Lego Juniors suitcase lets you build and play on the move!

This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 4-7.

Suitcase measures over 10ĹĄ (26cm) high, 11ĹĄ (28cm) wide and 2ĹĄ (6cm) deep.
Fire pickup with trailer measures over 2ĹĄ (7cm) high, 7ĹĄ (20cm) long and 1ĹĄ (5cm) wide with cherry picker lowered, and over 7ĹĄ (20cm) high, 7ĹĄ (18cm) long and 1ĹĄ (5cm) wide when raised.
Motorcycle measures over 1ĹĄ (3cm) high, 2ĹĄ (6cm) long and 1ĹĄ (3cm) wide.
Abandoned house and baseplate measures over 2ĹĄ (7cm) high, 2ĹĄ (6cm) wide and 1ĹĄ (4cm) deep.