Magic Science

Star in your own Magic Show! Levitate beads and make Coins and Fingers disappear into a ‘Black Hole’. Build a ‘Hologram’ Theatre (free apps), train a Mind Reading Squid and play in 3D Space. Create Colour Storms with a finger touch … and LOADS more tricks with all the science explained.

Age 6 years and
Package Dimension: Approx 26 x 31 x 7 cms
Contents: Mind Reading Squid, Magic Box, Electro Bottle and Lid, Cotton Buds, Magic Box Peal and Planet and Stick On Sheet, Electro Wheels, Magic Box Mirror, Yellow Liquid Colour, Red Liquid Colour, Blue Liquid Colour, Magic Box Scenery, 3D Anaglyph Specs, Die Cut Chroma Card Tree, Fold Up Black Theatre, Hologram Viewr and Tape, Beaker, Cornstarch, Plastic Electro Beads, Instruction Booklet.